Gerdi Gutperle Foundation

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The task of the Gerdi Gutperle Foundation is to help children in South India. In providing medical care for them, we have at least given them a chance of a future. And we welcome all the help we can get in this.

In every corner of the world where medicine and healing are something of a luxury it is the children who suffer the most. For many in the west such conditions are simply seen as difficult, for others however, completely unimaginable. But fine words alone cannot possible overcome such problems – neither can sympathy. What is needed is help – to enable people to help themselves.

The Gerdi Gutperle Foundation has been active in South India since 2002. Through our work and projects undertaken, we have been able to help almost 1 million children.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported our work with a donation and in the same breath we would like to thank all of you who will help us in the future.