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founders visit children's hospital in tamil nadu


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On the occasion of the official opening of the new doctors quarters building, founders Gerdi and Werner Gutperle visited the Gerdi Gutperle Agasthiyar Muni Child Care Centre (GGAMCCC) in Tamil Nadu, India in February 2018. “This marks another important milestone in the history of the GGAMCCC as it guarantees round-the-clock access to physicians”, commented Ms Gutperle. Read on below for a day-by-day report of the visit.

6 February: On the day of their arrival, Gerdi and Werner Gutperle met with the directors of the Child Care Centre to talk about a future construction project. Since the Centre had been awardedfor its services in the field of rehabilitation by the government of Tamil Nadu and has one of the best rehabilitation departments in the region, it has been in such great demand that it is literally “bursting at the seams”. Therefore, an extension - or more specifically - a new building is needed.

7 February: A press meet was held. Topics included future projects at the Centre, but above all the internationally renowned Order of the Smile Award that Ms Gutperle had received for her commitment and work in India. For TV news featuring Gerdi Gutperle, please click here. Later that day, Mr Gutperle’s birthday was celebrated. The staff took the founders on a trip down memory lane, from the early days of the hospital to the present, from the mere idea behind this social project to the laying of the foundation stone and finally to today’s hospital. As a gift, Mr and Mrs Gutperle received the documentary on film. Before the day ended, some truly touching speeches were held. The entire GGAMCCC family is very happy to be part of this great project. They are particularly proud of the fact that the hospital covers all relevant fields of medicine, has state-of-the-art equipment as well as a great range of treatment methods.

8 February: Every time founder Gerdi Gutperle visits India, she does her private tour of the entire hospital, visiting all the children on all the wards. She takes time to talk to them, cheer them up or play with them. It is during those hours that she specifically feels the deep gratitude of the children’s parents, who tend to gather around her. It was a very special day for everybody involved.

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9 February: A meeting was held to further discuss the construction of the new rehabilitation building as well as to talk about a possible improvement regarding the maternity block, namely to have a lift installed to allow better transport of women in the late stages of pregnancy. Due to increasing living costs in India another topic on the agenda was employee salaries. The two founders have a good consensus with the Child Care Centre’s new Medical Superintendent, Dr. Pradheep. He understands and supports Gerdi Gutperle’s wish that conventional medicine and natural medicine should go hand in hand. There have already been good results. The resignation of his predecessor, Dr Ponnu, was regretted deeply. She was well liked and the GGAMCCC family will never forgot how much she did for both the Centre and the children.

10 February: The official opening of the doctors quarters building took place. First, a Hindu ceremony (that also included Christians) was held in the auditorium. Afterwards, the new bishop of the Diocese, Bishop Nazarene Soosai, read from a holy book and blessed the building. Finally, Ms Gutperle cut the symbolic ribbon on each of the 4 storeys of the house. The Bishop blessed each storey with incense. The future inhabitants of the house, 4 families of physicians, are very happy that they will soon be living on site. For the Centre this represents a decisive step since it guarantees access to physicians who can care for the little patients around the clock. In her address, Ms Gutperle wished the future inhabitants health, luck, joy, and lots of energy, so that they will have plenty of strength to be fully committed to the little patients at the Centre. She also said how grateful she was that the Centre has been doing so well for over 10 years. “Through the years, our hospital has grown enormously. We can take pride in what we have achieved together”, said Ms Gutperle. She talked about the importance of being part of a team, sticking together like a big family, achieving goals together - and called on the staff to carry on doing great things together in the future. She closed with a quote by Mother Teresa: “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” That day, the founders also had the opportunity to meet everybody involved in the construction of the new building – from architects to builders. As a sign of her gratitude, Gerdi Gutperle presented them with small gifts. A joint meal was also on the agenda.

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After the celebrations, Gerdi Gutperle returned to the children on the wards, where she lovingly took care of them. The same night the Gutperles had to pack their suitcases as it was already time to say goodbye. Before they left, a final meeting was held with the directors and physicians. As always, saying goodbye was hard for everyone. However, the entire GGAMCCC family was highly motivated by the visit of the founders and will carry on committing to the little patients 100%. “The Child Care Centre is my life. I do anything I can do to make sure it grows and prospers. Every time I come to India and see that my work bears fruit, I am unspeakably happy that I can devote my life to this great task”, said Gerdi Gutperle.

Gerdi Gutperle Foundation, March 2018



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