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farewell from our founding director hieronymus cruz



It was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to our founding director Hieronymus Cruz, who passed away on 6 June 2021 after sickness. Founder Gerdi Gutperle remembers the esteemed director and loyal friend:

"In 2004, we travelled to India, where the late Bishop Leon Tharmaraj entrusted Father Hieronymus Cruz and Father Patrick Xavier to find a suitable plot of land for the construction of the children's hospital. This is how we met Father Cruz for the first time. Immediately there was mutual sympathy and understanding, which impressed and touched us very much. Moreover, Father Cruz was extremely helpful, as his knowledge of German was very good. He accompanied us on our path from the very beginning and for many years. For us, he was much more than a founding director and chairman of the children's hospital. He was also a much loved and very loyal friend. Father Hieronymus Cruz was a special and very humble man whom everyone liked. He was kind, caring and possessed a strong sense of justice, protecting what needed protection and tolerating no injustice. With a lot of heart and soul, he stood up for everything and everyone, especially for poor people. In Germany, he was always warmly welcomed and popular with family, friends and business partners. He was a welcome guest at any kind of event, be it a birthday party or a charity event. 


I still remember my 60th birthday in June 2004. Father Cruz was the main attraction of the event when - at my husband's request - he mounted a large elephant. He rode the elephant bareback into the courtyard of the golf club where the event was held. He was not afraid, although he had nowhere to hold on to. All the guests held their breath and applauded. We will never forget this special day. When Hieronymus got ill, he was happy to talk openly with me about it and I always managed to encourage him to carry on. The last time we spoke, he said: “I have lived my life and given everything. When God calls me, I am ready.” He also told me what a faithful companion Father Leon Henson was, who was by his side until the end. We will never forget Fr Hieronymus Cruz and cannot help feeling that he is still with us."  


A Mass in memory of the late priest was celebrated in September, which was also his birth month. Rest in peace, esteemed director and faithful friend.

Hieronymus Cruz is succeeded by the young and highly committed priest Leon Henson, who had already supported the hospital for many years and remained a faithful companion of Hieronymus Cruz until the very end.

father leon henson director


Gerdi Gutperle Foundation, 2021



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