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Torrential floods occurred after heavy Rains.


 The Kanyakumari district, where the GGAMCMH is located, was also affected. Agriculture, habitat and much more was affected. Low-lying areas were flooded, many villages were under water and without electricity. The authorities estimate that many people in the district lost their lives. Thousands were in relief camps. The rains that started on the night of 11 November caused reservoirs to fill rapidly and water draining from dams reached rivers, inevitably causing flooding. Roads were cut off and communication with inland villages was severed. From 13 November, massive rescue and relief operations were underway across the district.


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The main and temporary roads leading to the hospital were also destroyed and were impassable for our ambulance. Fortunately, our little patients were able to be brought to us by detours through narrow lanes through villages. Our ambulance service provided round-the-clock care to all patients and the public. Most of the staff ate and slept temporarily at the hospital. Thank God for ample accommodation facilities. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and other senior government officials visited the flood affected places and saw the immense damage caused by the floods. Thanks to our 1st Director, who is well connected, we made extraordinary progress in just one week. During the visit of the government representatives, who also inspected our hospital, we immediately received the go-ahead for the repair work of the road. So the ambulance can transport parents and children to the hospital building again.



It seems that by the grace of God, our hospital was spared the worst - even though roads, power supply and telephone systems were affected by the massive floods. We also provided food parcels for 100 poor families living along the river near the hospital, which was massively affected by the floods. Due to the disaster, they were even more affected by poverty.


 Gerdi Gutperle Foundation, 2021




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